Meet the 2021-2022 Team!

The VOiCE team is made up of student and graduate volunteers dedicated to showcasing the fantastic collections, staff and programmes of the Centre for Research Collections at the University of Edinburgh. We also feature programmes and individuals from the wider heritage sector.

Carley Wooten

Carley is currently a fourth year Philosophy student at the University of Edinburgh. She believes in the power of archives to shape collective memory and historical narratives. After taking a course on decolonizing Philosophy and the legacy of Edinburgh’s David Hume, Carley is particularly interested in the role of colonialism in the Edinburgh collections and its relationship to the University, the city, and greater Scotland. As a member of VOiCE, Carley looks forward to digging deeper into the Edinburgh collections and sharing Edinburgh’s history. Carley spends her free time volunteering at her local Amnesty Charity Bookshop, practising and teaching yoga, watching films, and cooking with peanut butter. 

Tessa Rodrigues

Tess is a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh, studying English Literature and Classics. She hails from the sunny island of Singapore and is borderline obsessed with fantasy and science fiction literature. With regards to her museum interests, Tess is passionate about the decolonisation of museum spaces as well as creating new ways in which the public can interact with exhibits that encapsulate inclusivity and celebrate all cultures. Working with VOiCE has given Tess the chance to explore these interests in museum engagement and outreach. Tess is located in Bethesda, Maryland, and spends most of her time trying to hit her 2022 reading goal of 100 books and drinking cold brew (regardless of the season).

Huey Ying

Originally from Malaysia, Huey Ying is now a fourth year Molecular Biology student at the University of Edinburgh. She has an eclectic range of interests, from genes and proteins to quirky museum items. Huey Ying joined the VOiCE Team to learn more about how Scottish people lived in the past and how this influenced modern culture. So far, she has been enjoying writing about the different archived objects available at the Centre for Research Collections, as this gives her the opportunity to learn the story behind each item. During her free time, Huey Ying visits other towns and villages near Edinburgh with her cheap film camera, goes around Edinburgh to try different foods, and learns Korean by watching K-dramas. She looks forward to the warmer weather (hopefully) and learning more about Scottish history in the upcoming months. 

Lily Mellon

Lily recently graduated from Edinburgh’s Celtic and Scottish Studies department, gaining a Research Masters with distinction in Scottish Ethnology. Whilst studying and volunteering, Lily also completed two internships with the Centre for Research Collections – transcribing oral histories for the Lothian Health Services Archives and researching early female students as part of the University Histories Project. Lily was one of the seven volunteers who helped form the VOiCE team in October 2020, as this allowed her to work closely with the Collections and Archives despite the COVID disruption. She is excited to continue working on all the content creation that the group have planned. Lily is based at the Edinburgh waterfront, drinks too much tea and loves playing board games (despite her lack of skill with them).

Izzy Nendick

Izzy is currently a fourth year Classical Studies student at the University of Edinburgh, and is massively interested in all things ancient, old, and archival. Her own research is focused on food and dining in the Roman world, replicating how she spends her time in the modern world. When not eating, Izzy is focused on making heritage collections accessible both to those temporarily shut out by the COVID-19 situation, as well as those who face physical or social barriers to accessing historical archives and objects. Izzy is excited to tell more of the fascinating stories behind some of the objects within the university collections, with a particular love of the miscellany of the monthly ‘wooden spoon’ on the blog. Based around the Meadows, you can always find Izzy with a coffee and a rotating wardrobe of winter accessories (but no longer reading Presocratic philosophy).  

Andie Saint-Rouge

Andie is a fourth year student in English Literature and Classics at the University of Edinburgh. He is an avid collector of antique books, and studied bookbinding and leatherworking at the Scuola Del Cuoio in Florence, Italy. His love for antique books and their restoration and preservation led him to volunteering with VOiCE. He has greatly enjoyed learning about the museum and archive collections whilst helping to boost student engagement with the very materials he is so passionate about. Outside of academics, he enjoys collecting tattoos, writing creatively, and a nice glass of red wine.  

Morris Chou

Morris is a masters student studying history at the University of Edinburgh. Born in Taiwan, he spent his formative years shuffling between China, Vietnam and Taiwan. According to some sources, his passion began with an encounter with a video game when he was a toddler. Others say it was HBO’s 2001 World War II series Band of Brothers. Coming to Edinburgh after studying at the University of Hong Kong, Morris intends to further pursue his love for history. Within VOiCE, Morris aims to further share his rants concerning history with a bigger audience. Whether it be through writing articles or learning about objects, Morris is excited about it all.  On most days, you can find Morris curled up at home with a book about modern China. On others, you might be able to locate him at the library, hunting down another potential source.    

Alice Adonis

Alice Adonis is an MSc English Language student at the University of Edinburgh who has been obsessed with museums since the memorable year she saw both ‘Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination’ at the British Library and ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ at the V&A. Through volunteering with the Centre for Research Collections, Alice hopes to better understand how heritage institutions can recover histories which have been marginalised or misrepresented, and play a small part in bringing these histories to light. This semester, she is excited to start a decolonisation research internship with the CRC’s St Cecilia’s Hall. When Alice is not wandering around a museum, she can usually be found reading short stories or knitting with her flatmates. 

Dani Rothman

Dani is currently in her fifth year studying Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh/ECA. Her background in art (specialised in sculpture) and history of art. This has developed her interest in the accessibility of heritage collections, such as those within the CRC, and how the public engages with them. Dani joined VOiCE as a way of engaging with and learning more about the wide and eclectic collections within the University. Dani thoroughly enjoys card and bord games and can usually be found within the studios of Edinburgh Collage of Art making things!

Allie Dixon

Allie Dixon is an MA History of Art student at the University of Edinburgh, and a contemporary oil painter and mural artist. Allie enjoys museums and art galleries, reading fiction (especially from dusty old books), and writing and talking about art. By volunteering with the Centre for Research Collections, Allie hopes to gain experience in raising awareness about artefacts and their stories, engage in art and culture related discussions with the CRC team and its visitors, and learn how to keep museum and cultural heritage collections relevant in the rapidly changing technological world.

Huang Niting

Niting is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, originally from China. Even though her major, Sport and Recreation Management, does not seem to have any connection with heritage collections, she believes she has enough interest and passion for them. Niting enjoys travelling in China, especially visiting historical sites and museums to appreciate the wisdom of the ancients. When she was younger, she only enjoyed studying Chinese history. But since moving to Edinburgh, she has been able to truly appreciate the incredible heritage of another country: the museums, the castles, the books, etc. There is still a lot more heritage she can discover.

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UoE Collections VOiCE (Volunteers in Collections Engagement) run a monthly newsletter, podcast and blog about the different collections, people and museums at the University of Edinburgh.

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