Summer Internship Opportunities at the Centre for Research Collections

Are you a matriculated undergraduate student who is wondering what to do with their summer? The Information Services Group at Edinburgh University are hiring 50 interns across 26 positions, three of which directly connect to the Centre of Research Collections!

Last year, the Centre for Research Collections, (alongside the Information Services Group), took on a record number of Summer Interns, and now they’re back with another amazing set of opportunities for matriculated students at the University of Edinburgh. 

Below we’re setting out information about the three positions directly associated with the Centre for Research Collections – think about your skills, studies and interests – is there a position that speaks to you? 

Archive and Library Assistant Intern 

This intern will work in a customer-service role on the sixth floor of the main library. They’ll help researchers and any users of the Reading Room with enquiries and Collections materials. Two days a week the intern will be based out of the School of Scottish Studies improving records/copyright information regarding their sound recordings. 

Duties and responsibilities: 

– Improve record-keeping of copyright records for SSSA sound archives, scanning paper-based records and inputting data into a spreadsheet, following workflows and standards as set by the archivist.  
– Help provide a front-line service to users of the Centre for Research Collections, including invigilation of the reading room and daily closing routines. 
– Ensuring access to the University’s heritage collections, including special collections, archives and museum collections. 
– Providing introductions for new users, including registration, catalogue searches and guidance on CRC rules and procedures.  
– Collect and re-shelve material for reader requests in a timely manner thus facilitating reader access to CRC material.   
– Keep an accurate track of all issues for consultation of collections material, providing accurate statistical information on the use of CRC material. 
– Ensuring the safety and security of CRC material is maintained by adhering to the CRC Operational Manual and handling guidelines. 

Engagement Assistant Intern 

This intern will join the Civic Engagement Team. Think event management; cultural heritage and the production of both online and in-person content.

Duties and responsibilities: 

– Support the planning, promotion and delivery of activities and events for public engagement- including workshops, talks and tours- to support the 2022 Main Library exhibition programme. 
– Lead the development of student-focused programming. 
– Develop promotional content to use across CRC marketing channels to promote the exhibition and wider public programme. 
– Gather visitor feedback and prepare event reports for visitor evaluation. 
– Work independently within a project team. 
– Develop their events management skills.    

Friends of Edinburgh University 60th Anniversary Curatorial Intern 

This intern will help to design and deliver an online exhibition for the CRC. They’ll gain experience in the Cultural Heritage sector and develop the skills required to virtually engage with an audience. 

Duties and responsibilities: 

– Undertake collection research. 
– Develop an exhibition narrative and write object interpretation. 
– Design an exhibition using the CRC’s online exhibition platform. 
– Develop promotional content to use across L&UC social media channels and explore other opportunities for digital engagement including storyboarding and scriptwriting for a short video. 
– Work independently within a project team.  

Get those applications in! 

Most positions start closing to applications around mid-March, so we suggest getting that CV up to date as soon as possible. 

The Information Services Group also have a great deal of opportunities beyond the Centre for Research Collections. Want to delve deep into the history of Scottish Witchcraft and not just to quote Monty Python’s Holy Grail? Does metadata and data management speak to you on a spiritual level? Do you see the potential in the University’s 3D Collections, even when you aren’t wearing eyeglasses you accidently stole from the cinema?  

Check out the full list of opportunities available on the Unitemps website and good luck with your applications!  

‘The University of Edinburgh Gallery Society’: Volunteering Opportunity

Sign up by March 7th to become a member of @EdiGallerySociety and get involved in their voluntary opportunity to gain experience in curating; designing and running a charity Exhibition that will raise funds for Period Poverty Edinburgh.

Have you heard about the University of Edinburgh Gallery Society? 

It’s fair if your answer is “not yet” but VOiCE totally recommends that you check them out. They’re a relatively new society at the University, one that was started by Holly York and Hanna Rechnio during COVID-19 restrictions and has now expanded into a full Committee. 

EdiGallerySoc at their RE-KNEW-ED Exhibition.

Aims and Past Projects 

The Society aims to promote student artists and hopes to assist volunteers with the hosting of Art Exhibitions due to the valuable experience in the Art world that they gain.  

In the past year, we have all been experiencing the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and UK wide lockdowns, meaning up until recently the majority of EdGallerySoc’s events have had to be tailored to suit current guidelines and restrictions –  #relatable. 

However, most recently, EdGallerySoc experienced great success hosting their second and largest Exhibition ‘RE-KNEW-ED’ which showed 50 artist’s work in the Dundas Street Gallery. The launch was sponsored by Cold Town House Beer; featured live music (by Edinburgh University musicians) and had over 100 visitors. 

Prior to this, their first Exhibition was called ‘loose-threads’. Due to COVID-19, this was set up in a Garden and all photography/filming was conducted by James Grossman in order to place this art in the virtual world. 

Visitors attend the launch of the RE-KNEW-ED Exhibition.

Charity Exhibition 

Their latest Exhibition will raise money for Period Poverty Edinburgh.  

The period poverty campaign group aims to provide equal access to essential items for all those who have periods. Not only do they hope to break down stigma surrounding menstruation but are also working to provide sustainable/reusable sanitary products. Access to such products can provide dignity; avoid embarrassment; raise awareness and literally provide individuals with what they need. 

It’s a fantastic and worthy endeavour! 

Get Involved 

This project will provide volunteers with the opportunity of curating; designing and running a charity-based Exhibition. It’s a great chance to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of planning and putting on an exhibition and is fantastic experience to add to your CV. 

The exhibition will take place in mid-May (dates TBC). 

If you’re interested in taking part, then you’ll need to become a member of the Edinburgh Gallery Society, it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Check out their website and find the link to sign up here – you can sign up to be part of the Exhibition until March 7th

In the meantime keep an eye on their socials as they’re hoping to organise social events; artist talks and Gallery visits. As Holly, (president of the society) says, “No matter if you’re new to art or an art enthusiast, please feel to come along and join us!” 

Written by Lily Mellon in collaboration with EdGallerySoc 

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